Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Addicks Place FAQ section.

What is Addicks Place?
Addicks Place at Charlton Athletic is a cascade of personalised engraved stones set within panels outside the West Stand, next to the Sam Bartram statue at The Valley.

Why is it being created?
Addicks Place has been designed to enable supporters to become immortalised within the landscape of The Valley and will form a lasting tribute to famous players, passionate supporters and unforgettable memories from the past in SE7.
By applying red and black granite stones into the floor outside the West Stand, Addicks Place will form an iconic permanent feature at The Valley.

Who can buy Stones?
Everyone is able to buy a stone within at Addicks Place.

What Stone(s) can I buy?
You can choose from a range of superb red and black granite stones all with gold painted lettering.

  • Addicks Place Single Stone has up to 2 lines of 14 characters per line (spaces & punctuation count as characters) - 200mm x 100mm.
  • Addicks Place Double Stone has up to 3 lines of 14 characters per line (spaces & punctuation count as characters) - 200mm x 200mm plus the addition of the current Charlton Athletic crest.
  • Addicks Place Celebration Stone has up to 3 lines of 20 characters per line (spaces & punctuation count as characters) - 400x400mm plus the addition of the current Charlton Athletic crest.
  • You can buy as many stones as you like.

Are the letters painted on top of the stone?
No, the letters are actually engraved into the granite stone to make the lettering more hardwearing.

What are Replica Stones?
A replica is a personal copy of your Addicks Place stone for your own home or to give as a personal gift. These stones are exact copies of the original stones being installed at the stadium. You can use your replica in many ways:

  • Build it into your house
  • Put it on the mantelpiece
  • Give it to a friend or loved one as a memento or a great event or memorial in tribute to a loved one
  • Use it as a paperweight
  • Add it to the garden rockery
  • Build it into your wall / drive
  • Use it as a door stop
  • Build it into your patio

How will I receive my Replica Stone(s)?
These stones will be despatched to you by mail order in a presentation / protective box. Unfortunately, owing to their weight and tracking issues, we can only send replica stones to addresses in the United Kingdom. Replicas may be dispatched to countries out with the U.K at an additional cost, please call 0203 4757730 for full details.

What can I have engraved on my stone?
Any message or dedication you wish (as long as it is polite, Charlton Athletic F.C. reserves the right to veto any messages). No defamatory remarks. Examples of what you can say:

  • BRIAN SPENCE, 1935-2011
  • DAVE ARCHER, I WAS THERE, 5/12/1992

Stones make great presents to;

  • Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or marriages
  • Remembering people and good times
  • Or simply to tell someone that you love them

Can I change my message after I have placed my order?
Yes. You can do this by logging into your account online within twenty eight (28) days of your order being placed. After this your inscription details will be ‘locked’ down.

How long will the stones last?
The stones will last indefinitely; however, we can only guarantee that they will be in the location for 10 years. This is the minimum but we have every reason to believe they will be there for years to come.

When are they being laid?
We are planning to install the first phase of Addicks Place during late Summer / Early Autumn 2013 (subject to weather and the level of stones purchased at this time). Thereafter, future phases will be announced on the website.

When will I receive my replica?
Replica stones will be engraved and dispatched in line with the installation schedule. Whilst we cannot give or confirm a specific delivery date at the point of order, it is possible that your replica stone will be dispatched in advance of the stones being installed and we will guarantee that replica purchases will be received with 28 days of the corresponding stone being installed at the stadium.

How much do the Stones cost?

Addicks Place Single Stone200mm x 100mm£50.00£40.00
Addicks Place Double Stone200mm x 200mm£99.00£80.00
Addicks Place Celebration Stone400mm x 400mm£499.00£399.00

Replicas will have postage and packaging to add to the prices above at £ 15 per stone.

How many Stones can I order?
As many as you like.

How do I pay for the Stone(s)
Online: With credit/debit card - VISA, MASTERCARD, DELTA, MAESTRO, SWITCH, AMEX

Can I choose my location?
Unfortunately not, the stones will be laid on a first come - first laid basis. Each stone will be laid in the next available location.

How can I find my Stone?
The location of each stone will be mapped and you will be able to download a reference guide confirming the whereabouts of your stone within the scheme.

Do I need a ticket to view Addicks Place
No; supporters will be able to view Addicks Place on most days.

Can I buy a stone as a gift?
Yes, you can buy a stone(s) for someone else. The letter confirming your purchase and the electronic certificate will come to you - the purchaser, to check the inscription we have is correct before we engrave the stone. You can then send the electronic certificate which shows the inscription on the stone as a gift. The electronic certificate does not contain the purchaser's name unless it is part of the inscription.

Alternatively you can purchase a voucher and let the recipient decide what they want to have engraved on the stone. A certificate will be dispatched directly to the recipient in this case.

What is on the Electronic Certificate?
The E Certificate includes an image of the stone, the inscription and the order reference number. In due course you will use this number to help locate your stone in the scheme. The E Certificate does not include the purchaser's name.

When will I receive my Framed Certificate?
Framed certificates will be despatched to your nominated address after 28 days, when at which point your inscription details will be ‘locked’ down. We can only send framed certificates to addresses in the United Kingdom. Framed Certificates may be dispatched to countries outside the U.K at an additional cost, please call 0203 4757730 for full details

Each line can have a set number of characters, including spaces and punctuation, in uppercase letters only. The images of the stones and the lettering on this website are for illustration purposes only.